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Let's "green star" recovery!

By Remy Benoit

From Daniel Gross at Newsweek A War on the Rich?
The bogus GOP claim that Obama is bleeding the wealthy.

The "whine" factor of this economic situation is overwhelming—gloom and doom, end of the world (how many times have we gone through that?) scenarios.

Seething yellow journalim only generates fear, hatred, and more problems. Foxes like to bare their teeth—we need cooperation, not snarling.

The simple fact is mismanagement and greed that need cleaning up; and vast wealth that needs sharing through jobs, through re-building our crumbling infrastructure; through tool and die makers and lables that say "Made in the USA;" through health care; through less dependence on foreign oil.

What is so hard to get about that, unless, of course, you are one of the few who want it all?

Oh, yes, and perhaps someone should give Limbaugh a copy of the Constitution he so flagrantly misquotes. Perhaps that would help us declare indepedence of his insipid, destructive, self-serving ravings.

WE are a strong country. We must stand together. Perhaps we all need to put a green star in our windows, on our flagpoles representing a green light—start the engines, let's go and get this job done! Perhaps the "whiners" need to go sit in the cloak room and meditate on what was done to precipitate these problems. Then, they are welcome to come out to the schoolyard, share milk and cookies, and re-join the game with the rest of us who believe in the strength, courage, and dream of this country and are willing to role up our sleeves and get it done.

No fear!


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