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Preserving rather than destroying

By Remy Benoit

We spend so much time and energy at war that we sometimes forget how hard at work we also are at understanding our roots, our history which so often overlaps with those we now call enemies. Perhaps we need to dig deep to find more common ground and ways to live together.

From the AP at MSNBC Experts aim to decipher ancient script 2,500-year-old writing found on stone tablets in Portugal.

From Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery, at MSNBC 3,000-year-old papyrus fragments found Ancient find may solve century-old puzzle, shed light on Egyptian history.

From Alysia Patterson, AP, at MSNBC 13,000-year-old tools dug up in Colorado yard Cache of more than 83 ancient tools buried by ice age hunter-gatherers.

From Jenny Barchfield, AP, at MSNBC Fungus threatens famed Lascaux cave drawings Scientists seek way to stop the spread aggravated by global warming.

To drive the cold winter away, even here in the deep South it is 30 at the moment, a visit to France and The Cave at Lascaux.

And from Alan Boyle at Cosmic Log, tonight on PBS The race to save our languages.


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