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17,000 More to Afghanistan

By Remy Benoit

Where is the diplomacy? We asked for a new way, not digging in deeper to problems, ask the British and the Soviets, that just keep draining all involved, including the people of Afghanistan.

How many more 17,000 more do we have to send here?

How many times do we go down the same road before we figure out it goes nowhere?
You cannot solve problems with the same thinking that caused them. You cannot ignore the root of problems and expect to alleviate them without digging that up and dealing with it.

From Anne Gearan and Jennifer Loven, The Associated Press at Truthout Obama O.K.s 17,000 More Afghanistan Troops.

One must ask what is the government of Afghanistan doing through all this, and why that is not being reported in a detailed, investigative journalist, fashion. Where is the media?

From Charlie Savage, the New York Times at MSNBC Obama's war on terror may resemble Bush's Administration quietly signals continued support for some approaches.

From Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation Don't Bleed Resources in Afghanistan.

From Anne Gearan, The Huffington Post, Obama Sending More Troops To Afghanistan... Official: 17,000 Is Likely Increase.

From last August, but still quite relevant, Dr. Andrew Bacevich, COL. U.S. Army Ret. (West Point) at TomDispatch Andrew Bacevich, The Lessons of Endless War.
We expect, we voted for diplomacy first—the rule of law first. Because things there have been badly mishandled that does not mean that we cannot find a better way if we commit to doing that.


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