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House Passes Stimulus Plan With NO Republican Votes

By Remy Benoit

From John Nichols, The Nation, at Common Dreams House Passes Stimulus With No GOP Votes.

From Jeremy Pelofsky and Richard Cowan, Reuters, at Truthout House Approves Stimulus Plan; Senate Vote Next.

From Joe Galloway, McClatchy Press Commentary: It's time for the change we were promised.

Has anyone told the GOP that they went down to a resounding defeat calling for the end of neo-conservativism at all levels from economic irresponsibility to torture?

Only a nation pulling together can overcome this mess we have been handed, and in part were part of the cause of. This 'oppositiom party' needs to be reminded that they are part of this nation, not just spokesmen for those who already have enough while others are losing it all.

From the AP at MSNBC Dems power stimulus bill through Congress
Passage of $787 billion legislation hands Obama a critical political victory.
Interesting use of the term "muscled through" in this piece.

Speaker Pelosi needs to put a great deal on the table for reform. Speaker Pelosi truly needs to speak more for us. Indeed, Speaker Pelosi needs to learn to listen to us and that, short of our Constitution, nothing is off the table. Our Constitution has not been protected by this Congress and that needs to be faced up to and fixed—top priority, no matter what has to be made public knowledge to do that, or whose actions have to be made public knowledge. Yes, we can take it if we face it. It is not what is on the table that is so dangerous, it is what is under it.

Only a nation willing to ask why KBR has been given yet another contract can start cleaning up this debacle.

From Voice of America Blackwater Announces Name Change. If a hungry lion starts calling itself a lamb is it any less dangerous to those upon whom it can feed?

We believe Yes, We Can—it remains to be seen if we will insist on Yes, they must do. It is insanity to keep doing the same things and expect different results, but then perhaps the recalcitrants really don't want different results? How does recalcitrance preserve, protect, or defend any but a small minority?

United, absolutely united, we must stand.


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