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Some Interesting Sites to Visit

By Remy Benoit

  It is a lovely cool morning with the sun shining through the arms of the live oaks scattering rays down to touch the earth. The cats are up doing their thing; the old Lhasa Apso content with  his outing and his breakfast.

The family has been englarged the past week. When I went to the market there were two kittens someone had left there by the trash receptacle. They live here now and go by the names of Gracia and Jesse. We have also been joined by a lost hound dog who now answers to the name of Gaby.

  Autumn is upon us and next weekend we go back to Standard Time. I shall, as always, miss the light in the evening. Yet each season brings its own joys. There are pears here from the neighbor's tree; there are yams ready for cooking. The neighbor's horse looks at me and sees apples, waits patiently, and then takes it gently from my hand. When I lived up north, this was apple picking time from the local farm. There are no apple trees around here, but there is a Farmers' Fair to go to.  

   Ah, but I ramble, and I promised some interesting sites.

   The long nights leave time for reading. A good place to start is Project Gutenberg. where you will find one of my all time favorites: Christopher Morley's, The Haunted Bookshop.  

   For autumn color, let's do some travelling:

Autumn Colors of Estonian Peat Bogs.        

From an artist who claimed he "saw color in his head" another favorite of mine: Wassily Kandinsky.

Autumn in New England.

Georgian Court College: The Red Maple.

For a buddy of mine up there:North Dakota.

From our Crescent City: French Quarter.

Autumn in Paris.

If you have a favorite site, please share it with us!

Have a lovely day!


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