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Just Foreign and Domestic Policy

By Remy Benoit

Drop by and visit with the staff at Just Foreign Policy. to find the news that is not making it to your TV.

What we see, for instance, on travel videos does not truly reflect the true internal and external situation of a country.

Sit back and let's go visit some places where things look good, but are riddled by conflict, poverty, corruption—where the poor live on the streets, where women have no rights, where Veterans have no place to go and no help to be found for indeterminate periods of time. Start digging for the truth

Homeless Veterans Speak Out. 200,000 is a low estimate here in the USA. Like many of us, Pulitzer Prize winning Crusading Journalist, Eric Newhouse, sees this problem in its reality. See what he and Montana are doing about it here; learn what you and your state can do for our Veterans. Faces of Combat, PTSD and TBI: One Journalist's Crusade to Improve Treatment for Our Veterans. Montana makes me proud that my Granny came from there! Knowing that many of our Veterans cannot afford to buy a book, please ask your local library to do that for them.

Iran: A Parallel Universe.


October 28, 2008—Jaro (Iloilo) Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo:
Phillippines Most Corrupt Country in Asia—Overpriced Projects, Election Manipulation, Bribery.

NYCity Tourism.

The Real New York City - Insight into Homelessness.

Visit Las Vegas.

The New Face of Homelessness in Las Vegas.

What are the underlying reasons for all these problems? Citizen apathy and denial; corruption where there should be leadership.

Can we change that? Of course, we can simply by speaking up for what is real and doing something about it, rather than accepting glitter and denial. By demanding more of ourselves, we then demand more of our governments.


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