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Eric Newhouse: Faces of Combat: PTSD and TBI

By Remy Benoit

Crusading Journalists are the Knights of the Fourth Estate—the men and women reporting life as it is, with all its real struggles, with all its hardships, wins, losses, glories, and failures.

Crusading Journalists do not numb you in platitudes, yellow journalism, or celebrity self-indulgences and lack of self-respect. Nor are they out to fill corporate profits, or to sew gold linings on parachutes for just a handful who can't even seem to conceive of what the idea of enough is.

Crusading Journalists reach out—spark your mind, ignite your compassion, make you get up and do something about something that, or someone who, matters.

Pulitzer Prize winner, Eric Newhouse has a story to tell you. It is not a once upon a time story; it is a story of NOW and HOW our Veterans are being neglected. It is a must read story for everyone.

Join Eric at Eric Newhouse. The Net is our new Chautauqua. Pull up a chair, catch the fresh breeze of a Crusading Journalist, and then invite a friend to join you and him for some real eye opening on what isn't right in the U.S.A. when it comes to our Veterans.

Then, perhaps, you can send a note to the new head of the VA., General Shinseki, to President Obama, to the Congress and remind them that you are there for our Veterans and want the best of everything for them—just like they gave their best for US.


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