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Bob Herbert: More Than Charisma

By Remy Benoit

From Bob Herbert, NY Times at Common Dreams More Than Charisma. Do note the comments that come after this editorial.
President Obama is yet to be tested. Substance and actions are, indeed, more than words, and we must see what those actions are.

One cannot solve problems with the same attitudes that caused them in the first place. There will be many in Congress who attempt to stand in the way of standing up for our Constitution, for rebuilding our infrastructure, for getting back to "MADE IN THE USA," for a decent and viable wage, for controlling corporate greed, for prosecuting those who have done so much harm.

Obama does not have a job to be envied—he has taken on a huge reponsibility; now we shall see what his response is to what the American people want, rather than what entrenched "me firsters" want. We shall see what he and General Shinseki do for our Veterans.

If we truly believe "that all men are created equal" then all across the country we must stand up for that. Corporations cannot be more equal; lobbyists cannot be more equal; those who wish to invalidate our Constitution cannot be more equal; those who illegally profit from wars cannot be more equal; those who think war before diplomacy cannot be more equal.

If you believe that those who are responsible for the problems we face today should be held accountable...

If you hold "these truths to be self-evident" then let the new President know that at the White House.

Let your Representatives and Senators know that at
Contacting Congress.

If not now, when?


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