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Pamela Constable: Great wealth of Afghan elite sows bitterness

By Remy Benoit

From Pamela Constable, Washington Post, at MSNBC Great wealth of Afghan elite sows bitterness In one of the world's poorest nations, myriad tales of official corruption>

The plight of the poor is universal, and the numbers of the poor increase every day around the world. The Science and Development Network projects growing food shortages Naomi Antony:Billions face food shortages this century, warns study. The answer to who will suffer the most from this is obvious.

If we continue in Afghanistan the way we are, how will this help the woman and child in the picture in the above article? How do we support a government that does not care for its own? Will "20,000 more" help?

The new President takes over in just a few days now—our engagement in Iraq winds down, but the talk re: Afghanistan is still the same, coming from the same direction, going to the same place. It needs to be rethought. If you missed these thoughts on the subject, look at what Dr. Andrew Bacevich suggests here Rethinking Afghanistan.

We were careless with Iraq, buying into things that simply did not exist. Do we want to do that again, or this time will we speak up? Do we dare not take the time to know the truth, the history of this area of the world? "Back in the day," how many knew how long war had gone on in Vietnam before the "American War?"

We are citizens of a democracy, and that means that we carry a huge responsibility that we cannot shirk. We cannot blame executives if we don't do the work to know the truth or not of what they speak. So here we go:

Afghanistan 101 —

Wikipedia. You may have more information to "clean up" this article, to make it more "neutral," and Wikipedia is the place for that.

Afghhanistan Online. Again, you may question the "neutrality" of this article.

But then don't we need in these days of corporate controlled news to do that with everything?

The 4th Estate is not performing its true function. Someone brought this TV Station to my attention— Free Speech.

Consider this: how much did you spend for breakfast, coffee, bus, taxi, gas just this morning? About half the world's population, c. 3 billion people, live on less than $2 a day. Where is freedom, or indeed, peace in those numbers? Consider also the plight of this country's financial mess? Who will answer for this? For more information on the state of the world Global Issues Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All.

From Think Progress In the midst of recession, Halliburton Rakes in Billions.

From Barbara Ehrenreich This Land Is Their Land: Reports from a Divided Nation.

We found out that Yes, we could. But that is only the very, very beginning. It is time to wake up, and do something. And while you are at it, be sure that something means taking care of our Veterans. From Maggie Mahar and The Century Foundation The Truth About Veteran Care.


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