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Pat Swayze: Dance for Life

By Remy Benoit

Once in awhile we are graced with a talent that makes the actor a living myth, an archetype of strength, courage, truth, and grace. For many years, Patrick Swayze has been one of those men.

Pat is fighting pancreatic cancer in his mid-50's. It is a wretched disease—one, so far without cure. It is truly a "wasting disease," which chemo/radiation can only hold off for unspecified, unknown, quantities of time. At our house we have total empathy with Pat because one of our family is in the same position. Many of our Veterans are too.

Like the fight for what is right for our Veterans, the push for research into this deadly disease is up to you. Please help in any way that you can. There is much information here: Hirschberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cance Research.

Remember Pat as Jed in Red Dawn. along with his fellow freedom fighters raising their weapons to the cry of Wolverines. You have the"weapons," the tools to help fight this. Your voice, your dollars.

This Thursday night, Pat airs a new show on A&E made while he has been fighting this miserable and debilitating disease. Be there with him, with your prayers for him, for all others caught in this inescapable net. Demand research on this, on all forms of cancer. The Beast.

Hold this vision of Pat in your heart—send him your strength, help make this the time of his life feeling all who have so admired his work are there with him now when he needs you. From Dirty Dancing a pure classic of grace, talent, strength, control which I bring you through my tears. The Time of My Life.


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