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Aaron Glantz: The War Comes Home: Washington's Battle against America's Veterans

By Remy Benoit

From Veterans for Common Sense, reviews of Aaron Glantz: The War Comes Home:Washington's Battle against America's Veterans. University of California Press.

We are not keeping the "Covenant" of be there for us and we will be there for you. It is a national disgrace and the only way we can change this is to speak as a nation for our Veterans. The new Congress is sworn in today. Make sure they hear your voice loud and clear—TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS—IT IS A NATIONAL PRIORITY.


In his book, Aaron has an important testimonial from Gerald Nicosia, author of "The War Comes Home: A History of the Vietnam Veterans Movement." What Aaron writes about today regarding the treatment of soldiers and vets of the war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan is the same problems Gerald wrote about in 2001 regarding the Nam vets. The cycle of denial by our government continues. When in Iraq recently, I was with many soldiers on their second and third tours. They know what is waiting for them when they come home. They know about PTSD and such. What was curious was the number of soldiers who had fathers, grandfathers, and close relatives who served in Viet Nam, but never talked about it. Now these young men and women are facing the same problems their parents dealt withand our schools or families did little or nothing to help them. In my mind, that represents a form of Post Traumatic Stress Denial. A notice for those in the Denver region: on Tue., Jan. 27 at the Mercury Caf, 2199 California St, Ann Wright will speak about her book, "Dissent, Voices of Conscious." Ms. Wright, a (retired?) Colonel spent 29 years in the Army and Reserves, and 16 years as a diplomat. Aaron, who reported on the first three years of the war, will speak at the Mercury Caf on Tue., 3 Feb. Both presentations are at 7 pm. These presentations are sponsored by the Rocky Mt. Peace and Justice Ctr. and the $10 donation admission benefits KGNU Community Radio.

Posted by: Ted Engelmann, at 2009-01-06 21:10:41

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