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It is almost a New Year...

By Remy Benoit

On so many fronts, home and battle fronts, this has been a very hard year for so very many people.

We have one day left in 2008. Would you consider using that one day to do something, no matter how small, to lighten the burden that someone else is carrying?

It could be something as simple as a smile, a hug, a bag of groceries where it is sorely needed.

So many have lost lives and limbs on battlefronts. Find some way to let a soldier know that you care, that her or his sacrifice is important and appreciated. Demand proper, respectful, and timely care for our Veterans.
Contact Congress. Obama-Biden Transition Team. Share your story there. Let them know what you expect of them. Let them know what you expect of us as a country.

So many have lost homes, jobs; have found the holidays terribly difficult. Find some way to let them know that things will improve, if we all pull together—that you are working with them to make that happen. Sit down with a cup of coffee with someone—share a story with someone and help re-write a better ending for it.

Talk to your parents, your grandparents, about how they are managing with their medical costs, with their prescription costs, and then write to Contact Congress. Obama-Biden Transition Team. and let them know, loud and clear, that this nation needs a better system of health care—just like they have.

So many have made huge profits at the expense of all of us, on the home from, in blatant war profiteering. Let your Representative, Senator, President-elect know that those individuals and corporations must pay the price for their illegal, self-centered, and self-serving actions hurtful to the welfare of their nation. Contact Congress. Obama-Biden Transition Team. Share your story there. Let them know what you expect of them. Let them know what you expect of us as a country.

Shovel a sidewalk for an elderly neighbor. Fetch up some milk or whatever for them at the store. Ask them if they need help with their electric bill and see that they get it, from you, or from the proper authorities designed to help with that.

Help at a food center, donate to a food center, deliver some meals on wheels on New Year's Day.

Talk with your children—truly listen to your children and ask them what is happening in their school, and what is not happening there, on a day to day basis. Find some way to bring cross-generational activities to your childrens' schools—we older folks have a lot we can share with the young.

There are thousands of ways that you could light just one little candle for someone who feels alone in the dark.

When Congress comes back into session, be sure their boxes and e-mails are full of suggestions for what will make us strong, great—make us all we should be; all we claim to be. And keep on reminding them that you are paying them and expect them to produce for you, not for some lobbyist or special interest.

Remind them of our Constitution which they have so sadly neglected, and in that neglect abused.

Gentle the last day of 2008 for someone, some way.
Make 2009 the year we remember that American ends in I CAN—and not only can, but will do. If you want this to happen, it has to start with each and everyone of us. It has to start with you.

God Bless,
Miz' Remy


Thoughts by Remy are both strong and quite focused on what this country needs to bring both peace and justice back into the world. I urge all who read this excellent thinking to print it out and send it to our local and national leadership. It is quite critical that we become a nation of citizens who actively reach out to bring back the Soul of Goodness onto our earth and make the mind of humanity plan for a future with less chaos and more creative comfort.

Posted by: Al Beck, at 2008-12-31 01:59:33

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