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Sarah Chayes: Clean Up the Afghanistan Government

By Remy Benoit

Ms. Chayes' words spoke to me. On December 11, a very unusual snow storm, one that had been forecast as rain mixed with snow, came through Louisiana. Our trees, like my 100+ year old Live Oaks, are not constructed to hold snow. The first three inches were pretty, the next 5 catastrophic. The long, long graceful branches of my oaks cracked, broke, fell to the ground, or are still leaning against their more fortunate brothers. Power went down at 7 AM that day, and did come back until supper time on Sunday.

The temps dropped into the 40's in the house and made think of the people of Afghanistan, of our troops there. Last year one of our men who served there told me of shivering in temps of 3 degrees.
As people we all share common needs: food, clothing, shelter. Women and their babies should not be dying from the cold during childbirth.

Perhaps we should consider some of things in this Editorial. Perhaps we should study some history and send diplomats, commanding soldiers who understand the ways of the lands to which they are sent. Those of us old enough, have heard the chant of "20,000 more" before. The root of the problem will not be solved by increased numbers but by digging out the corruption that perpetuates the problems.

From Sarah Chayes, Washington Post at Veterans for Common Sense Editorial Column: Clean Up the Corrupt Afghanistan Government, and the Taliban Will Fade Away.


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