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Do you want to help change the world for the better?

By Remy Benoit

Perhaps the answer to how to do that lies in understanding, compassion, and communication.

A simple place to start is just taking five minutes a day, sitting right where you are, to learn something about a community, here or abroad, that you do not already know. The more we know about each other, the more we open dooors to real communication rather than stereotypical hysterics and beligerency.

Okay, at random, as most of us like pictures, let's go to Romania. Click on any picture on the site and expand your knowledge.

Tomorrow's "travel goal" is up to you. If you need a little help with your itinerary, try Samarkand. and find out why it is one of history's most important places. Or, try someplace smaller, like, well, let me think, okay, Ponchatoula, Louisiana. which started out as a logging camp and now has the best strawberries you can find!

Send us a link to a favorite place of yours, or just one that you have come across and find interesting.

Look at it this way. Many of us grew up during the Cold War just waiting for the "big one" to go up. But what did we know of the Republics that under coercion were part of the Soviet Untion? Visit here one of the oldest cities in Ukrainia, Kiev and learn something about its history. Then maybe you might go on to read Anatoly Kuznetsov's Babi Yar. if your interest lies in WWII. Learn in this one something about Soviet censorship. What is the difference between, The Soviet Army marched on and The tired Soviet Army marched on? This just might give you the clue to what to watch for, both there and omitted, in your own newspaper. And while we are here, what do you know about Samizdat.?

Be careful, once you start, it is like writing a book—you get hooked on it, learning more, writing just one more word before lights on; learning just one more new thing on your walk Down History Lane.

If you are writing, I can help you! Gentle Editing: Your Words—Your Way.

You can change the world a bit today. Just reach out to someone who needs a loving and supportive word from you. Words have power—the can heal, or they can bring destruction—the choice is up to you how you use them. If you want peace, it must start with you. Think about it this way. What is the difference between people and government? What can people do to make their governments more just, both at home and abroad?


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