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President Elect Obama Shares Plans

By Remy Benoit

And this is the time when we need to keep faith and not give in to the doomsayers!

From the AP at MSNBC Obama intensifies focus as economy worsens.

As I said in a previous post today, words, intensions, and pro-active actions make a huge difference. Please see below, What if, America?

Stand up for your country—American ends in I can and Yes, we CAN!

Perhaps Congress should reconvene next Monday, not January 6th? How many of you have that kind of holiday vacation? You are paying their salaries and it is about time that they earned them.

Thus, an open request to the Congress of the United States:

Our troops are not home for the holidays.
Those who have lost their homes have no homes for the holidays.
Those who have lost, and are losing, their jobs have little hopes for the holidays.
The polls show our Congress at pathetically low approval ratings.

This is a time of crisis, real crisis in so many areas, and as our representatives, we need you in place through the holiday season, taking a stand for our country.
Therefore, I humbly suggest that you all go back to Washington, D.C. and get to work ironing out what needs to be done. Investigate the corporate misdeeds; investigate usury charging credit card companies; investigate war profiteering; investigate private mercenary armies; investigate the inadequacies of the Veterans Administration; investigate the why of on any given night nearly a half a million of our Veterans are homeless; investigate the roots of the housing crisis; investigate the use of torture in our names; investigate the abuses of our Constitution; investigate the donut hole in Medicare prescription costs. Show us that you have the backbone that built this great country by standing tall for it, by actually being there through this crunch time for it, for us, for its future generations. Investigate, suggest solutions, restrict, or, indeed, punish the misdeeds that led to all of these, and a hundred more, problems. Bring resolution to areas of conflict and combat—open real communications.

Perhaps home for the holidays this year means being there to protect our homes, our nation, and, indeed, our sacred honor.

Take a train, take a bus, drive, borrow a private jet, but show up and do what needs to be done, now, not next year. Deliver Meals on Wheels on Thanksgiving Day; serve food in a shelter; share a meal in a VA hospital and expand your view of your Country, and then get back to work on Friday, just like the rest of the country. Show the world, YES, WE CAN.


Dear Congressmen and Congresswomen What Remy Benoit has said is quite critical to the nature of our true survival as a country. I urge you to get back to work in this time of crisis and help to solve our present disasterous circumstances.

Posted by: Al Beck, at 2008-11-24 06:25:30

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