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What if, America?

By Remy Benoit

What if we kept writing to the media that we want to hear what is good about the United States, about the world?

What if we kept telling the media that we want to hear success stories; stories about people who care for ths country¬ópeople who give of their time and money to make things better for others and for the country, for the world, as a whole?

What if we kept telling the media that we want to hear about the Jane and Joe who show up for work everyday, contributing, rather than lining their golden parachutes?

What if we insist that we hear about the young who are studying, who are volunteering, who take care of their siblings, who live the principles of their respective faiths instead of mouthing dogmatic platitudes filled with contempt for the faith of others?

What if we change the words we use to accentuate what is good, rather than babble endlessly, and uselessly, about what is wrong?

What if we show ourselves, and the world, that this noble experiment is evolving, that we are learning what "created equal" truly means and that we are trying to find ways to implement that?

What if we say and mean that we care whether or neighbors, close or far, have food on their tables, under their own roofs, and medical care for their children, for all their family members?

What if we say to our politicians that you will not remain in your positions if you do not listen to us?

What if we say to the lobbyists, go home and work for the good of the country as a whole rather than your own pork barrel?

What if we all sing America, and the world, and what we can be? what if we become mentors for that growth and change?

What if we change the words we use, for words have tremendous power for change, and most change starts with simply a small handful of people and spreads from them?

Will you be a mentor for the United States, for the rest of the planet, or is your couch too comfortable for that?

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