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Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial

By Remy Benoit

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer at Veterans for Common Sense Newspaper Editorial: Veterans Need the Right Advocate to Lead VA.

A personal note to President-elect Obama: How a nation treats and cares for its Veterans is a matter of national honor. It is imperative that we keep the unwritten Covenant—Be there for us and we will be there for you. We are not keeping that Covenant and that is truly a blemish on our national soul. Please be the one to finally get this right.

As a nation, our representatives have made us signatories to international conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war. We have openly violated those agreeements with a burgeoning of legalistic doublespeak to justify it—interestingly, think about the root word of justify—jus which carries the meanings of a right, law as a system or in the abstract. Just as our Veterans need the proper advocate, so do those in service because if we violate the rights of prisoners of war, then what Pandora's box do we open for our own soldiers should that horror come to them?

From Joe Galloway, McClatchy Press Commentary: Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. Joe has been called by General Schwarzkopf, the The finest combat correspondent of our generation. We should give some thought to his insights.

Also, give some thought to this commentary of his Commentary: A top general says more troops aren't the answer in Afghanistan. How many of us remember 20,000 or 50,000 more would solve the problem?

I suggest that we not send anyone as an ambassador, or any of his or her staff, to represent us in any country unless they are fluent in the language, well versed in the history, culture, and religion of the area. To do anything else opens us to mis-communication, mis-understanding, mis-direction of foreign policy.

Yes, we can "bully" our way through foreign affairs, but that kind of attitude comes home to roost. From CNN and the Huffington Post World Leaders Don't Shake Bush's Hand At G20 Summit (VIDEO).

As we revitalize our Constitution, let us remember that we are the deciders and not be so quick to forfeit that so hard earned right. Ask yourself, what would a Patriot, a real Patriot do with the Patriot Act? Allowing only one right to be eroded opens the flood gates to destruction.

If you have some ideas to share with the President-elect, well, here is the place


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