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The Hijab and School Authorities

By Remy Benoit

Nashala "Tallah" Hern is 11 years old and a sixth grader in Oklahoma City.

She has been suspended from school for wearing her hijab, the traditional headress called for by her Muslim faith.

The district has a rule about not wearing head gear, ie. hats, etc., to  prevent gang identity problems.

Tallah is not a gang member. She is a little girl practicing her faith. Where is "no child left behind" in this?

As a teacher for many years I have seen so much inflexibility in school authorities. It is incongruous that we fight to bring freedom of choice to a Muslim country while we deny a child the right to wear the hijab here in school.

For the full story visit Muslim girl suspended for head scarf.

If multi-culturalism is the platform in our schools then we must allow for its expression.


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