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Leo Gerard: This Moment Calls for Boldness

By Remy Benoit

I have been watching the doom and gloomers on TV—all but calling for the sky to fall. We know, when we really think about it, that we make our lives with our thoughts, our actions, our visions. If we choose to constantly think negatively; if we choose to constantly only think of self with the idea of lack—if I don't have it all my life will be miserable and the rest of them, well the rest of them, let them fend for themselves—if we constantly are re-active rather than pro-active, we will just keep digging ourselves into deeper holes.

What if the media reported businesses that, and householders who, are making it and interview them about how they are achieving success; what if corporations thought in the long run for the greater good; what if we threw the lobbyists out of the Hall of Congress and replaced them with everyday Americans telling how life is at the bread and butter level, maybe then we could get and support legislation that nutured the country, nutured this ever shrinking planet.

What if we listened to our Veterans about what is happening in the combat zones they know; if we listened to their families about how they are faring with loved ones away for a third, or fourth, or fifth tour?

What if we listened to our Veterans each and everyday about what they are experiencing at the VA?

What if we stood up and reminded those in the halls of power that this country belongs to us and we are its keepers and willing to do the work to accept that responsibility?

What if we keep sending in ideas; speaking out about wrongs; providing ideas for solutions that really work and are not bandages on suppurating wounds?

What if we contacted the Transition Team and spoke our voices? Obama-Biden Transition Team.

What if we said, like Leo Gerard at Campaign for America's Future that This Moment Screams For Boldness. and then stood up and worked for our country? What if we really stood up for a better world for our children?

That would be how a Patriot acts.


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