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Who will get your vote?

For some positions on both candidates, Saturday, November 1, go to Veterans Radio for Who Will Get Your Vote For President?
Undecided? Join host Gary Lillie and guests on the Veterans Radio Presidential Election Special and hear who should get the veteran vote.


AMERICAN REMINISCENCES OF THE CARIBBEAN: 1937-1948 Dear Editorial team We are hoping that you and your listeners can help or advise us with regards inviting American contributions to our latest research. We are British researchers, currently seeking American contributions to add to reminiscences of the Caribbean 1937-1948. The initial objectives for the material we are gathering are a book and online resource for schools and colleges. [NB. we have researched archive sources to provide us with a strong understanding of this history. We welcome any advice or assistance in helping us to contact US veterans who served in the Caribbean, such as the 'Dixie Division' and the African American 99th anti-aircraft Artillery. Contributions to date have come from all perspectives - servicemen, wartime civilians (Aruba, Barbados, Curaçao, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad) , U-Boat Officers (U-160 and U-615), merchant sailors.... Our search for reminiscences is all about providing Educators and Learners with as broad and diverse a perspective as possible: We want to gain an impression of the war at sea, we are also gathering memories of the West Indies as bases of operations; what impressions their civilian populations made; how the islands provided for torpedoed merchant seamen; memories of shore-leave... We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Best wishes Tony T Rebecca Goldstone Sweet Patootee Ltd 28c Loraine Road London N7 6EZ UK T/F: 01144 207 686 5101 W:

Posted by: Tony T & Rebecca Goldstone, at 2009-08-07 20:43:49

I wanted to share my father's story with you. He was a WWII POW. Please visit my website Thank you Kathleen

Posted by: Kathleen , at 2009-10-15 20:21:11

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