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The Casualties of War

By Remy Benoit

  Last night the Democratic hopefuls squared off on CNN defending their positions on a variety of topics, including the Iraqi encounter. They were critical of the way things have gone in this pre-emptive war. The Administration holds to its position and defends it while reorganizing the Stabilization of Iraq under the leadership of Ms. Rice.

  These are the casualties on the Front Lines. From CNN Special Report: War in Iraq: Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Casualties. We need to look at these soldiers who have given all. If we cannot look at those who have made the ultimate sacrifice,  how can we look in the mirror?

  We grieve as a nation for them, and with their families.

  We can honor their ultimate sacrifice, as well as they sacrifice of those injured and disabled, by being aware of what is transpiring, by asking questions and demanding answers; by caring for the wounded, both physically and psychologically; and by being informed voters; and by going to the polls when the time comes.

For more on last night's debate and related issues:
From the Washington Post and Dan Balz: Clark Under Sharp Attack In Democratic Debate by Dan Balz.

From the UP Press, Veterans for Common Sense and Mark Benjamin: Mystery Blood Clots Felling US Troops in Iraq Mark Benjamin   United Press International .

From the American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU.

United for Peace.

There are many positions about this time in our history.

What is yours?

This is not a time for "sunshine patriots and summer soldiers."

Taking a stand, asking questions, demanding answers, and exercising your franchise is real Homeland Security.

Choose well.


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