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One Man Takes a Stand

By Remy Benoit

As I sit here watching the hysteria of the market and the campaign, I feel like I am drowning in negativity. Real issues, with real answers, are being avoided in the campaign with all the name calling and doubt casting based on air. We should be aware at the stock market level at how much power we are giving to how few.

In Cook County, one sheriff has taken a stand. From Azam Ahmed and Ofelia Casillas, The Chicago Tribune, at Truthout Cook County Sheriff: I Will Stop Enforcing Evictions.

What if as citizens we took a stand? What if we each bought a share or two of stock and reminded the powers to be that this is our country, not their financial playground? What if we issued a resounding no to golden parachutes with the power of our ever shrinking dollars? What if we demanded the Made in the USA stickers on our purchases?

Have you thought about it? Going into WWII we converted industry to deal with the demands of the war. What would we convert today?

What if we demanded green power, energy independence? What if we said we are not impressed with 24 mph, but want 50-60mph? Supply follows demand, and our demands have been puny.

Pickens Plan.

What if we say to the candidates, stop the dirty politics and address the issues or we won't listen because you are not listening to us?

What if we demanded care of the Veterans we so casually make?

What if we stood up and said We are Americans, and we can do what needs to be done from Vet care, to health care, to ending pork, to corporate and bank regulations, to credit regulations, to maintaining our infrastructure, to building American industry, to education, to green policies? Wouldn't the politicos then have to follow us, instead of us being led around like sheep?

Every other time we were in trouble we have stood up as a nation. I believe that we can do that again. And we need to do that today.


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