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Ray McGovern to Joe Biden

By Remy Benoit

Congress, they tell us, is working hard to resolve the current financial SNAFU, and yes, that term is appropriate. Congress should have been working hard all along and this would not have happened.

Had the intelligence been listened to, perhaps 9/11 would not have happened.

In both situations, warning bells were CLANGING loud and clear, and no one was paying attention.

We are still not getting real answers to real questions. We still are getting a world of "buck passing" as to reponsibility for Iraq, for the financial crisis, for a lack of Veteran care, for the lack of a national health plan, for the inability of middle class America, let alone the less financially well off, to "make it."

The financial crisis is real. Iraq and its plagued war are real and even though all the evidence was not real, the war goes on with surges and talking, and endless talking and money spending and military lives stretched to the breaking point. If your pot roast is burning, do you turn up the heat? Our crumbling eduational system, our crumbling infra-structure are real. Possible confrontation is real in Iraq, alhough Jon Stewart is a big hit in Tehran; although Bush will soon leave office and Ahmadinejad will be challenged for his position in June. Afghanistan is real and the situation is worsening each day. And yet, any yet, no one accepts responsibility for any of this. Ray McGovern's letter to Joe Biden is up close and personal, but it could be directed to all of us, private citizen, Congressman and Senator who is not doing his or her job; the White House, Blackwater and others of its ilk, etc., etc. The truth of all of this is smacking us in the face but it is okay to extend service periods of soldiers; it is okay to ill supply them; it was okay to use pre-emptive war that violates our basic laws. It is okay for a candidate with a very poor pro-veteran voting record to keep saying he loves them. Some of us are "monitoring" that!
Americans are still asking Who is Obama?" Perhaps we need an FDR fireside chat with this candidate when he sits down, stops speeches, and tells us from gut level who he really is, what he really wants from himself, and from us.

Americans have not stepped up until this crisis smacked them in the wallet and shame on them for that.

Read McGovern's letter and ask yourself if it applies to you, to your Representatives, to your President. Demand answers from the candidates, real answers not that you are an expert in foreign affairs because Putin's plane flies over your head. Indeed, how very much seems to be over the head of this vice-presidential candidate. Real answers, not we were misled re: Iraq—how much effort went into truth finding before bandwagoning and bomb dropping?

These are the days of resolution, not just because of the Jewish holiday, but because we have mucked up so much that we need, each and everyone one of us to pitch in and clean up the "Augean stables" even if it is a Heculean effort. The future of our country depends on it.
How about some non-paid public service for those whose golden parachutes meant more to them than their country? Or even, something more to the point of punishment of this crime, for indeed, it is a crime, a series of crimes against this country, and, indeed, much of the world.

From Ray McGovern at Consortium News To Joe Biden: Time for Confession.


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