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The View from the UK Re: Ms. Palin

By Remy Benoit

From Ian Bell at the Sunday Herald, UK at Common Dreams A letter to America: You Cannot be Serious.

Sometims it takes someone removed from the picture to make us look at what we are doing. In a campaign that has been constantly critical of Obama's lack of experience, this is who is chosen to be the proverbial heartbeat away?

Again, as Americans we must demand stands on issues—peace work, negotiation, rather than endless war. Has anyone asked the candidates what our objectives are in Afghanistan, let alone how we intend to achieve them—and at what cost to us and to the people of Afghanistan? Or are we content to accept that "we must be there for as long as it takes." Takes to do, to achieve, what?
Without a goal there is no end in sight.

Have we asked who is making the decisions on those questions, or if they have the in depth knowledge and insight to make them properly?

Have we asked how many of our young it will take for how long?

Have we asked where Osama is, or if anyone is looking for him?

Have we asked about unemployment, a declining infrastructure, health insurance, and a hundred other things or are we content to sit back and watch and listen to hype and tripe?

Have we asked ourselves how much our Constitution means to us, or are we willing to allow a blatant mixture of church and state? Have we studied historically the problems that can and does bring?

Have we asked ourselves are these people our best and brightest—the best we can offer ourselves and the world? Would you allow them to babysit your children, because if you haven't caught on yet, you are putting your children, your grandchildren, and yourselves in their hands. How comfortable are you with that?

If that makes you uncomfortable, well, now is the time to get off the couch and ask the questions—and demand the answers.


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