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No Task Too Great!

By Remy Benoit

I am sitting just having watched the weather forecast for Ike and what I saw unnerved me. No, "they" don't know exactly where this particular hurricane is going, but "they" do have it aimed at us again. I could say that life just couldn't be that cruel, but we all know it sometimes can be.

My phones are still down; those is parishes south of us have been told a month before their services like electric are restored. They are permitted to go see what is left of their homes, and then, they must leave before 6PM a time when they should be settling into supper and an evening to rest from the labors of the day.

But the thought occurred to me through my rattled nerves and crunching stomach that there is so much in life that does not have to be so cruel. One of the Vets I have come to know said to me once that the world is so beautiful—why can we not see that and work harder for what is good, positive, uplifting, and grace filled. We seem to see out the dark side as though it had something to give us besides destruction and death. Is it that we think we see something there that will give us more; lead us to a more powerful place; better help us fulfill the purpose of our lives?

Ah, but we too easily blame “them” whoever they may be for “making us” choose such a path without ever looking backward to see what it is that we have done, what was done in our names, that led to where things are. Nor, do they look to what horrors that will cause somewhat further, often just a bit further, down the line.

We speak as though we know the only path; the right path; the only acceptable path, but do we?

If one thinks of the vast multitude of life forms, of their respective life ways of being and surviving, perhaps we might note that there are many ways to life, to build, to grow on this planet, in this universe.

Can we change, indeed, stop the path of a hurricane? No, not yet at least, but we can change our own destructive ways, attitudes, and actions so we do not bring the hurricanes of war to level lives.

Just something to think about as Hanna churns up the East Coast and Ike does whatever he is doing.

On a personal note, to the men of the West Point Class of ‘68 who are enjoying their 40th Reunion celebration this weekend, it has been a great honor and a pleasure to work with you as your editor. I do so hope you are pleased with your memory book—Both Sides of the Wall Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968. Do please let me know how you like it.

Both BG and I so wish we were there with you, but although we are here doing what needs doing after Gustav, and perhaps before Ike, we are still gripping hands with all of you. May God Bless you and your families, and indeed, thank you for your continual and exemplary devotion to your oath of Duty, Honor, Country. No Task Too Great for ‘68!


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