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By Remy Benoit

Living here in Southeast Louisiana, we are battening down, watching the possibilities for landfall for this nasty hurricane. The southern most parishes are being evacuated, but we are not in an evacuation area. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of power outages, as we well know from riding out Katrina here.

If that should occur, I will get a message to post here through a friend as to what is happening here ASAP.

Our prayers are with all on the Gulf Coast and we ask for yours for everyone concerned.

A major hurricane is not something to be taken lightly. If you are in a flood zone do evacuate. Contraflow will go into effect as soon as necessary, so be aware that once you start out you cannot go back. Take your meds with you, your ID papers, your homeowners' policies, and your pets. Shelters for pets will demand cages. Fill your gas tank! It is advised that with the currect path predictions that you go to places other than Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Alexandria as they may have substantial wind and rain. BUT be aware that the real path of Gustave may go anywhere from Florida to Texas or even south of Texas, so going to "beach" areas along the Gulf is inadvisable. Best bet is heading north, welll north away from the projected path of the storm.

If you are staying home, it is YOUR repsonsibility to prepare with water, food, generators, flash lights, medicines, first aid kits, etc. Prepare a place for your pets.

If you went through Katrina you should be well aware how long it takes for help to come. Out here in the country after Katrina, it was neighbor helping neighbor. At NO time did we EVER see one "official" come to check on us. So if you are staying, accept personal responsibility for your own welfare. And do keep in mind that if power is out post-storm credit cards, debit cards will be useless. You will need to have cash for purchases.

Be safe, go with God.
Miz' Remy


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