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It is time to Take Back America

By Remy Benoit

I have watched for 8 years the continual lack of judgment, leadership, Balance of Power, and truth that have been undermining all that I consider this country to be.

I have watched this country led without any concern for "a decent respect to the opinions of mankind," or, indeed, Americans themselves.

After 8 disastrous years under President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, and their cohorts, it is time to take back our country; to support our Constitution and its Bill of Rights; to put an end to the idea of eternal war; to show respect for the opinion, of not only other nations but of Americans themselves.

It is time to manufacture again in this country—to see the label that reads Made in America.

It is time to put Americans to work and to create jobs at home.

It is time to show respect for the rule of law and for our Constitution.

It is time to develop alternative energy sources, and to stop allowing unrestricted and immoral financial speculation with the future of our country.

It is time for some real leadership. With these thoughts, and many others in mind, I join with Senator Clinton and endorse Barack Obama as the viable candidate for the Presidency.

From Senator Clinton: HILLARY: 'NO WAY, NO HOW, NO MCCAIN.'

When someone espouses continual war and has a voting record that shows non-support of our Veterans, something is wrong; thus, I join Hillary, NO MCCAIN.

From AFGE Action News Senator McCain Wants to Limit Access to VA Health Care.
From Keith Olbermann and MSNBC Rachel Maddow: "There's a difference between being a veteran and supporting a veteran as a politician.

From the AP at MSNBC Virginia's Warner: Party must seize opportunity
Speaking John McCain's name only twice, he focused on his own party.


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