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Both Sides of the Wall: Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968

By Remy Benoit

Over the last several months, I have had the privilege and honor of working closely with the members of the West Point Class of 1968.

Our work together has resulted in this unique preservation of the history of this War Class.

It is truly an heirloom volume.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present to you, Both Sides of the Wall Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968. Edited by Remy Benoit

You supported it.
You nurtured it.
And together we’ve made it happen!

The 40th Reunion Committee is Proud to Announce
The Immediate Availability for Advance Orders Of Both Sides of the Wall Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968
. at a
Special Advance Order Price
of $29.95 per copy*
Until July 30, 2008

The price for orders received after July 30, 2008 will be $35.00 per copy* if any copies are available.

*A packing and shipping charge of an additional $10 per copy will apply for books not picked up by the purchaser at the 40th reunion.

Click Here to Order: Both Sides of the Wall Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968. Edited by Remy Benoit

About the Book. This extraordinary anthology contains selections authored by over 120 members of the class who share their thoughts and bare their souls. The vignettes range from whimsical recollections of cadet hijinks to weighty reflections on our times – on our service to the nation - on the painful loss of departed classmates, including our twenty friends who fell, all too young, in Vietnam—on Duty, Honor, Country.

Come through the sally port into Central Area of Barracks; report to the man in the red sash. Relive the travails of Plebe year. Savor the 1964 victory of the Army football team over a Navy team led by Heisman Trophy winner Roger Staubach, and the first-ever Christmas leave for Plebes. Delight in the clandestine appropriation of Billy XV, the great Sugar Bowl incident, the dunking of the reveille cannon. Sorrow at the sad return of fallen comrades from earlier classes for interment in the West Point Cemetery. Feel the anxious anticipation of branch and first assignment selection and the extraordinary elation of graduation day. Sail your white hat far into a cloudless summer sky; take a solemn oath at a commissioning ceremony. Party hearty at classmate weddings and graduation leave. Train hard enroute to your first unit. Take a long plane ride ‘til you’re so far west you’re east. Hump ruck through the boonies. Know again the soaring elation and irrational guilt of survival. Mourn lost friends and comrades, celebrate their lives and honor their selfless service and sacrifice. These are the reflections waiting for you within the pages of this beautiful hardbound book—these and many, many more.

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Click Here to Order: Both Sides of the Wall Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968.>


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