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A Memorial Day Message from Korean War Veteran Al Beck

By Remy Benoit

I am honored to say that Professor Emeritus Al Beck is a treasured friend of mine. In addition to his service in the Korean War, where he spent a Christmas watching the heavy snow fall, he has so much contributed to the beauty of our world through his art, his poetry, his folksinging, and just being him! Let Al be an example to you that there is life after war if you open yourself to warmth, creativity, beauty, and all of Creation.

You may find my reviews of some of Al's poetry simply by putting his name in the search engine here.

You may visit with Al at his beautiful Rocky Hollow.

Don't miss clicking on his Pyrapod.

This is Al's message to all of us. I thank him for his words, and the example he has set for all of us with his life and work.

Big hugs coming to you, Al.

From Professor Emeritus Al Beck:

As a Korean War Vet, I have a deep and abiding respect for those who served our country in the military and died as a result of their efforts to protect this American Way of Life.

Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, must remind us of this human sacrifice. We have, as United States citizens, a duty to remember and honor those who are no longer with us.

To understand the agony of war, we are obligated to pause in our lives and recognize how difficult a task every soldier in wartime faces.

Our county's leaders need to carefully plan future conflicts so that fewer soldiers pass on and those returning are given very special consideration for the job they were asked to do. No human being who has spent time as a soldier under the United States military command should have to accept less than the highest appreciation from our country's citizens.

It is with this in my heart and soul that I express a plea for all to pause on Memorial Day and honor those who have died in the protection of our country's life and liberty.

Al Beck


Dear Al Beck I was going to send you some drawings of mine but my wife threw your address away when she was on the computer so I don't have it anymore . I guess I will have to just guess at the address and hope it gets to you or else just pitch the drawings in the trash and forget about it .You probably don't care about drawings anyway . If you do get them look at them and tell me what you think .Otherwise use them to line your cats litter tray . Ken

Posted by: Kenneth Bentley , at 2010-09-27 13:51:00

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