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It is about our children

By Remy Benoit

  I have long been an advocate of local schools, with parental involvement. They are places where you really get to know the students, and their families.

  Way back when, I taught in a small middle school; about 25 on the faculty and 250 students. It was a close knit community for the young people. Each year their mothers would make a big luncheon for the faculty. We knew the parents, and they knew us.

  Can that be said for regional schools, where  the young people are bused 15-20+ miles? Where there are school populations of above 2000?

  Sure, I am a first year Boomer - there were 1100 in my graduating class - Northeast High in Philly -  122! - but there was still a small school atmosphere, despite the rotating schedules, etc.

  Young people need community, guidance, and support. It is 7:48 AM Central you know where your children are? Do you know if they had breakfast, or what they are wearing today? Do you know their teachers' names, the subjects they are taking?

  Here's a big one - do you know their friends?

  Bill Gates is doing something about the small school thing: From the Washington Post and William Raspberry: Environmentally Challenged By William Raspberry
Monday, September 22, 2003; Page A23.

  New homework help? Your school should have a Homework Hotline. This one can help too: The BeeHive School.


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