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Politics and Religion

By Remy Benoit

From Sara Robinson at Campaign for America's Future Born-Again Americans and That Old-Time (Civil) Religion.

Perhaps the Vietnam conflict should continue to be discussed, written about, examined. There are thousands who still suffer, unattended, from PTSD. This "police action" is still an open wound in this country. We need to address the issues that caused this war, the way it was fought, and those who suffered through it - just as we need to examine Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, PTSD, Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium, Veteran Care, and a hundred other concomitant issues like torture, violations of civil rights, violations of our Constitution.

All this talk about religion - especially Christianity, and very little about compassion, forgiveness, or learning about underlying causes of conflicts. Much of the talk is about who is right, who is more right, who is the most right of all. Where is Christ, or living a Christ-like life in all of this?

There is fear, distrust, revenge, anger, and hatred. Is that what we want Christianity to become? That is another issue we need to think, indeed, pray about.


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