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Joe Galloway

By Remy Benoit

From Joe Galloway at the McClatchy Newspapers Commentary: Iraq surge has failed in its main purpose.

Have you noticed how little attention is given to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by the TV media who are busy hyping recession, gee, even depression? A recession has very specific standards - they have not been met.

Perhaps we need to stop letting TV "think" for us in babbling, pathetic yellow journalism and glitz, and think for ourselves. As I see it, the United States is not red and blue - it is Red, White, and Blue. We are a WE CAN DO NATION. Look around the house at the things you purchased last week. How many of them were made here?

Maybe you should be asking these sparing candidates, in this seemingly never ending debacle of primaries, what they intend to do about bringing some manufacturers home, about building up the tool and die industry.

Perhaps you should be asking them about how they intend to care for thousands of Veterans coming home physically, mentally, and spiritually wounded.

Perhaps you should make it clear that the Vice-President should care about what the American people think about these wars.

Perhaps you should make it clear to the President that the war in Afghanistan is neither exotic or romantic - that the troops are cold and need equipment to deal with that.

Perhaps, America, we should STAND UP and say control the corporations, control the banks and mortgage lenders; bring business home; and really support the troops with more than fantasies. War is not romantic - it is cold, it is hot, it is terrifying, and it is deadly.

Wake up, America, and STAND UP.

We have laws, we have a Constitution that protects personal rights; we have signed treaties that say we do not torture. We have a balance of power that allows the Senate to make treaties, not the Executive.

We need a vital energy policy - we need green laws.

We are America, but only if we STAND UP.


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