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By the Bedside

By Remy Benoit

  A wonderful companion journal to a personal one is a Bedside Dream Journal.

  I have friends who lay no stock in dreams and dream interpretation.

  For me, well, they are sacred things; things that warn us, guide us, comfort, and/or direct us.

  No matter how strange they seem, I have found  guidance in dreams.  I have been shown that what I most desired would not be for awhile.

  I have dreamed when it would be. And it has come in the way the dreams led.

  No journey is without its right and incorrect turns. No journey is without its trials, it joys, its  tears.

  Dreams help to provide road maps.

  A dream journal, filled out as soon as possible after the dream, will help you draw your map.

  Make it plain, make it fancy with a symbolic drawing on its  cover, but do make it, and fill  it up.

  Read some mythology, meditate, and listen.

  You will find your way if you are willing to learn, to forgive others and yourself; if you are willing to grow.

  I think the truest words ever spoken, and I don't have a clue who said them orginally, are: To have the life you want, you have to be willing to give up the life you have.

  Are you willing, looking for a road map?

  It is said anything that we can dream, we can eventually make happen.

  If you work from the premise that you already, even though you don't recognize it yet,have all that you need to make the dream come true, you open yourself to seeing it.

  Ask How can I serve? and then, listen. Keep in  mind, in all the history of the planet there is, and will only be, one you. How can you serve? What is it that you were meant to be, to do? It is through the service that you will find your dream.

  Dream sweet,


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