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End of another era

By Remy Benoit

Well, we refrained from WWIII; the dominoes did not fall; the Soviet Union is no more; the Berlin Wall is gone; and now Castro has resigned.

From MSNBC Ailing Castro steps down as Cuba’s leader
Revolutionary icon, not seen in public since 2006, had ruled for 49 years.

Perhaps it is time to stop looking for 'evil empires' and to start with real diplomacy, compassion, and communication.

Is it possible to actually find a real statesman in D.C. instead of those who find that our troops are more easily expendable than the effort of real negotiation?

From the Mclatchy -Tribune News Service at Musharraf Party Gets the 'Hate Vote'.

Some things to think about here from Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III at Truthout Ideology Makes for Bad Policy.Also, join Dr. Leon for his Commentaries.

Humans are full of contradictions. We can look with horror upon devastation caused by a tsunami, by a Katrina. We can pitch in to help with dollars or hands, but we don't get it unless it is our home without power for weeks; unless it is our home filled with muck and mire and everything, every picture, we cherished turned to slime. Perhaps that is why we don't get it about the destruction caused by war. Homes bombed, people dying, people maimed - our soldiers' bodies, minds and hearts splintered. Maybe we won't get it until we face it head on and determine to do something better. Maybe we need to find some real diplomats and demand a policy better than one of fear, hatred, retribution and the continuing, unending cycle of destruction.

Perhaps we need to take a lot of walks Down History Lane and ask why we do the things we do. For today, Fire Bombing of Dresden.

Another path of history, another walk, takes us to the Einsatzgruppen in this essay by Yale F. Edeiken An Introduction to the Einsatzgruppen..

This is a book I used to use in my classroom. It is a classic study of propaganda with the censors inserts, cuts, etc. obvious. Babi Yar: A Docutment in the Form of a Novel; New, Complete, Uncensored Version by A. Anatoli Kuznetsov. I highly recommend this work but I do warn you, it is quite unpleasant. But then the elder Mrs. Bush did tell us that war is not nice.

For those of you who watched Inside the Vietnam War last night, I would like to see your comments on the hard staying problems with reporting this war.


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