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By Remy Benoit

This is not the way it should be here in the States.

From the AP at MSNBC Some homeless squat in foreclosed houses
Vacant dwellings prove inviting to street people.
The question is also, where are the people who lost their homes because of bad loans? Where are the people who made those bad loans hoping to make an extra buck at any cost?

National Coalition of Homeless Veterans.

Why do we allow our Veterans to not be properly cared for? Why do we allow thousands upon thousands of our Veterans to be homeless?

This is not the way it should be and we have to ask who is allowing this? The answer is obvious, both for civilians and Veterans. We are allowing this. It is a campaign year - a seemingly endless one. Why are we not asking these questions of the candidates? Why are we not demanding more; why are we not demanding that those who hold office be held accountable for all of the above?

This is our country - we have the right and the obligation to be heard, and to make ourselves heard.

We are responsible.


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