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Gates - pausing drawdown?

By Remy Benoit

From the AP at MSNBC Gates: U.S. may pause Iraq troop drawdown
Defense chief says 'period of ... evaluation' likely needed before further cuts.

From the AP at Army Buried Report on Post-War Iraq.

This book review from Geoffrey Wheatcroft,The New York Times, at Truthout Europeans Are From Venus a review of "Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? The Transformation of Modern Europe" by James J. Sheehan.

You might want to consider the role of media in war with this article from The Wall Street Journal by Arthur Herman The Lies of Tet.

If this was a history class, perhaps a good assignment might be a class study of the role of the press in war time with a concomitant look at the way different nations view war. A consideration in this study would be how the media reporting impacts on the situation of the soldiers. The media carries a huge responsibility - it is not meant to be a dollar maker - it is meant to be a part of a functioning democracy and that carries a vast response - ability to report things as they are, not to sound bytes and dollars.

If we are to remain a viable democracy, we must educate ourselves - and yes, that is work, but it is also responsibility. We also need to evaluate the way nations care for their Veterans and find out if any should receive passing grades on that.

Let's take a walk Down History Lane with American Masters - Edgar R. Murrow.

From the New York Times an Editorial at Truthout Because They Said So.

From Scott Thill at AlterNet Breaking the Drug Taboo: Group of Traumatized Veterans Get Experimental Ecstasy Treatment.


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