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Staying in Iraq until.....

By Remy Benoit

From the AP at U.S. Troops to Be in Iraq Into '09.

From the AP at Pentagon Seeking $20 Billion.

From CNN Concern mounts over rising troop suicides. An average of 5 soldiers a day in '07. That should speak to us - and we should listen!

From Kathy Dobie at The Nation Denial in the Corps.

The Soldiers Project.

From Richard A. Clarke, Philadelphia Inquirer, at Truthout Bush Legacy: Setting a Standard in Fear-Mongering.

From PBS and Frontline Return of the Taliban. One of the problems in the world is that there are re-actions to things, rather than pro-active searching for underlying causes and resolutions to things that cause actions in the first place. And so, generation after generation pays the blood price. We do not actively, not really actively, seek alternative fuels for instance. We go to bed knowing people are starving to death in many areas of the world. We go to sleep knowing that millions of our own children in our own country do not have health insurance. We know, but we refuse to know. We need to step up to the knowing and get to work.

From Nomi Prins at Women's International Perspective The State of Whose Union?.

For those of you who like old time radio, let's take a walk Down History Lane to Radio Lovers.


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