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Reality Check

By Remy Benoit

This piece of news was heard a lot yesterday. From David Ellis at CNN Money Exxon shatters profit records
Oil giant makes corporate history by booking $11.7 billion in quarterly profit; earns $1,300 a second in 2007.

I would like to hear from you about how you are making it at the gas station, at the grocery store, with your mortgage and heating bills. A friend of mine up in Pennsylvania, is shelling out about a $1000 a month for heating oil while keeping the house at 60 degrees. He has been out of work for well over two years despite endless interviews and applications - told he is "old" - ha, same age as me and you don't want to say that to me! He has been asked Why don't you retire and make room for the young ones?

Yesterday I put some gas in the car. Now I don't drive about much as I work at home, but yesterday without even totally filling the tank, the cost
was double what I allow in the budget for gas a month. When I bought a jar of honey, it was $1.00 more than it was last week. A block of cheese in the last few months has gone up over $1.50. All dairy prices have increased - I hear more people are using dairy products.

Personally I don't know anyone making $1,300 a second. Do you? Military families are certainly not bringing in that kind of money.

The thing is, I don't understand why there is not more vocal objection; why there is not a push for a more green energy source. Have we given in to the corporate greed and war profiteering? Senator Webb, if you will check yesterday's section here, hasn't. I haven't.

I went with someone to the doctor the other day. Before we have even met him, and yeah, he was a great doctor, but still, before he was even met all the paperwork had to be signed about insurance and paying all the rest that it didn't pay. So it was the signing on to payment before any service had been provided. I don't know about you, but I do the work, and then I get paid.

Anyone want to address medical and prescription costs, or the infamous Donut hole of Plan D?

We are in a very strange place in this country today. CNN is running a poll asking which is the best Democratic ticket - Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton - at this moment 44% are saying neither. This campaign has been absurd - much too long, much too much of endless verbiage saying nothing.

There is this FISA thing that Keith Olbermann dedicated his Special Comment to - at Truthout, Keith Olbermann from MSNBC Special Comment Regarding FISA.

There is this very serious problem with care of our Veterans. From Charles M. Sennott, Boston Globe at Veterans for Common Sense Told to Wait, an Iraq War Veteran Marine Dies.

We have Helen Thomas of the Hearst Newspapers at Seattle Post-Intelligencer Bush plans to leave a lot of unfinished business.

So my questions for you are:

How are you making it on the home front through all of this?

What are you concerns about our freedom and Constitution here at home that our soldiers are out there dying to defend?

What are your concerns about our soldiers, about our care for our Veterans?

And when do you think America will stand up and say things are not working the way they should?

Is there any possible candidate out there, somewhere, with a new paradigm? The big primary day is this Tuesday, February 5. Will you go out there to vote? Ours here in Louisiana will not be on Tuesday which is Mardi Gras Day. We will vote come next Saturday, the 9th. I truly wish there was a decent choice - dare I use the word statesman, and I mean genderless. Where have Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and Tom Paine all gone? Are there no descendants of this caliber to carry on the American Dream?

And why, why do we settle to be so much less than we really are?

Why do we allow ourselves to be ruled by fear when we have the legacy of Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


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