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How are conditions for your Veterans; on your roads, bridges, levees; in your country?

By Remy Benoit

From Dana Priest at The Washington Post jSoldier suicides reach record level, study shows Vet's battle with depression reveals effects of long tours, lack of resources.

From Bill Dedman at MSNBC Feds let states delay inspections of bad bridges
Loophole allows giving infrequent checkups to spans in poor condition.

For those of us who are sometimes left in the abyss by our computers, this little video that my Medievalist heart loves. So, Introducing the Book.

Do presidents lie? Here is a take on that from Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
The 935 lies of George W. Bush Yes, you already knew. But now they're actually quantifiable. Like, say, stab wounds.

From Joe Galloway of the McClatchy Newspapers Commentary: Only 11 months to go.

Isn't it well past time, America, to stand up even if it is from nothing but nausea at the presidential campaigning and the lack of real choice; the lack of clearly defined issues, and heaven forbid, precise answers? Or are we so lazy that we will let the levees of our freedom be breached?


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