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By Remy Benoit

  On the subject of charging soldiers for meals in hospitals.

Being a service connected medical retiree from the U.S. Army, I seem to  have just snapped out of my thoughts to respond to the pathetic, yet unsurprising, news of injured servicemen and women having to pay for their meals while hospitalized because of their combat duties.  My mind went to the nightmares the ones who received discharges face in their efforts to get continued cared for those injuries and how the costs and treatment coming will make the meal charges only a taste of what's coming.

Our wounded are being charged to prevent "double-dipping".  Isn't that as ludicrous and cold as the bureaucrats can get?  Will there be any value placed on their possibly endless double-dipping of suffering?  Their loved one's suffering?  To me, it is even more amazing that not only was this allowed to be applied to our troops at all, and that it's been going on  since 1958 and 1981 the story is just now being told.

How does this affect our troops?  How long is the list of other obviously heartless, senseless policy procedures?  

The talk of support for our soldiers is loud.  The walk is where it's proven.  The proof is shameful.
Rick Shannon


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