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New York Times Editorial: The Boomerang Effect

By Remy Benoit

Regarding Pakistan, from the New York Times at Truthout The Boomerang Effect.

From Joe Galloway at the McClatchy Newspapers Commentary: Pakistan awakes to home-grown jihadists.

And this study at, Seattle, by Douglass K. Daniel, the AP Study: False statements preceded war.

What leaders do impacts on the lives of so very many. The possible geometric expansion of those impacts are truly impossible to calculate.

When a soldier is seriously injured, physically, emotionally, spiritually, it is not only she/he who suffers - it is all their loved ones, and, indeed, their neighbors, their country as their potential for what they might have contributed in civilian life is lost. When a soldier is lost in combat, the loss again is not only their families, it belongs to all of us.

What a leader says and does in our name is of vital concern, and cost at so many levels, to all of us.

It is most certainly of concern to the people of other countries where the words, and actions, of leaders impact.

Perhaps we need to listen more carefully; perhaps we need to seek out our own truths, before we jump on the bandwagons of fear driven by leaders. It is the responsibility of those in democracy to seek the truth, and to act on that, whatever it may be.

We need to read the news to not only see what is there, but what is not there.

For instance, and this is not an endorsement, but if you just look at the headlines, well, you might not know that John Edwards is a candidate for president - just Clinton and Obama. We need to ask why these omissions, not just of people, but of historic fact, precedents, and realities.

Realities can look like this - From Lou Dobbs at CNN Dobbs: Our leaders have squandered our wealth.

And like this - From Robert Crawford at the Seattle Times Democracies don't torture.

And this from the Brain Injury Research Foundation US Veteran Brain Injury News Traumatic Brain Injuries in Soldiers Often Go Undetected.

From Fox News and Kelley Beaucar Vlahos Soldiers' Lives Saved But Injuries Persist Long After Battle.

Didn't our Mamas teach us to not jump on any wagon careening and out of control and going downhill?

For the final word this morning, visit with Christian Lowe at From the Front: Tomb of the Well Known Dictator.


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