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Lonnie Story: The Dustin Brim Story (Depleted Uranium)

By Remy Benoit

From Lonnie Story, author of The Meeting of Anni Adams: The Butterfly of Luxembourg. For my review of this beautifully written WWII story Lest We Forget.


Freelance Writer/Author/Biographer
Holly Hill, Florida

Did Dustin Brim truly die from exposure to depleted uranium? How can we adequately justify the contentions that this thing is real and not just some fearful cloud of theorist drumming away at those “powers that be?” Is it real or not? If it is not true, then why has so much time been spent by so many people making this contention and for what ultimate purpose? If it is true, then why hasn’t the contention been put to the forefront of the people of the United States, the United States government and worldwide attention?

Wouldn’t the whole world want to know the truth? Wouldn’t the whole world want to get to the bottom of the contention that depleted uranium is harmful and the use of it in military munitions a disastrous nightmare perpetrated upon the planet earth? Wouldn’t the whole world want to know if they are subject to being poisoned by this stuff; if the environment in the Middle East and other places being poisoned for ages to come, birth defects, sickened people, men, women and children?

The first answer to any of those questions cannot and will not come until one thing happens that has not happened as of the time of this writing. Simply put: The whole world doesn’t know about it! The whole world has not heard of depleted uranium. In fact, practically every time I have brought up the subject, 99% of the people I speak to, have never heard of it. How could a person know about nuclear power, nuclear waste, the atomic bomb, WWII, on and on, and NOT even have a clue about this stuff that is a byproduct of all those things mentioned above? In my eyes, it truly is practically unfathomable. But the difference is; I heard about it two years ago and became curious.

It has been hard to believe that it has been two years already since that day that I first met Lori Brim in her office and listened to her story about her son. Like so many others, and as I wrote before in the previous so titled article “I’ve Never Heard of It.”

From the very beginning it simply just did not compute. All these facts and figures that started to come up in my own research and the research of others. My first step, like many others that have since heard of it, was to go directly to my computer and simply type in the words “depleted uranium” in an Internet search. When I did- Ta da! An Internet explosion of information came flooding to the screen. A flood that washed me away tumbling, stumbling and falling into a vast sea, ocean of information and head-spinning education.

Now that it is two years later, I look back and wonder, how could so much more work, news and discussion still have no palpable results in the eyes and ears of the general public? How could so many people be blind to such a raging subject, right or wrong, and yet, be so preoccupied with the daily babbling about starlets, stars and politicians? Cats and dogs got more air time and column space in the mainstream media. All the while, the questions and debate as to whether or not depleted uranium was in whole, not at all or in some part, responsible for thousands upon thousands of sick military personnel that had been in the Gulf War I and the, to date, ongoing wars in the Middle East.

Each day, from morning through night, the news media and otherwise, churned through the clock and ticked away the latest tidbit of feel good stories, tragedies, daily bombings, political moves, religious activities all related to the region and not one mention of this subject. Has the average reporter in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world genuinely never heard of it or discussed it? How could that be? It just doesn’t make sense and, actually, the odds would be astronomical if it were true. No, there has to be more to it than that and somehow it just didn’t have the star appeal, power or other requirements to get some attention in the media and/or the public at large in the world. Somehow, an entire planet of people, with exception to a few in comparison, had been kept ignorant or just wanted to be ignorant.

How could it be that, that two years later from my own discoveries and education, the subject remains hidden in the dark recesses of closet Internet researchers, University professors, Medical experts, Military Analyst and a host of others and yet, not one major media outlet conduct a full-blown inquiry? Didn’t ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX (among others) not notice that there was something (literally) in the air? Something potentially dangerous, poisonous and disastrous enough to be compared by some as an all-out, low level nuclear war?

Didn’t these major media outlets notice that there had been top government level hearings held before the Senate and House on the subject? One such investigation even being led by, now presidential hopeful, Senator Hillary Clinton? How could they have missed or disregarded the fact that States such as Connecticut, New Hampshire, Mississippi, New Mexico, Washington, Louisiana, Hawaii and many more had already passed State legislation or brought forth such, to address the issue and, in fact, try to get their own National Guard, Reserve and prior-service military members tested for exposure? Is it Agent Orange all over again but a thousand times worse and no one seems to know or care?

Didn’t the mainstream media notice that the President of the United States, George H. W. Bush signed an investigative Bill into effect to make a one year study in October, 2006? And where is that study now? What was the outcome? Did Senator McDermott, a respected medical doctor and legislator work so hard for that Bill and study for nothing? Didn’t the Associated Press notice that numerous newspapers around the planet were running front page articles? Articles such as the 150,000 plus readership newspaper The Daytona Beach News Journal running front page, 1A, on Sunday, Memorial Day, May, 2006?

These are a lot of questions, sadly, there are many, many more still unanswered and more to come. Will anyone take notice? Will you, the reader, google search Dustin Brim, Depleted Uranium or the State legislative Bills passed, possibly even in your own home State? The rest is up to you, if not, then maybe someone, like myself, continue to spit in the wind, harp and chirp at one person at a time as usual with the same results. Could it be that those I speak to are correct when they say, as they have literally hundreds of times after hearing me “Don’t you think that there are people that don’t want you to do what you are doing? You are putting yourself in danger.” So far, the only danger I fear is that there will be another two years with the same results as the last; Dustin Brim dead, depleted uranium unheard of and people content to let business continue as usual. After all, there is great amounts of money to be made from the use of depleted uranium, especially when the United States government gives it away free to large Corporations for personal, profitable gain.


Yeah, he found a lot of stuff on the Internet about depleted uranium supposedly being as dangerous as swimming in shark infested waters with a bleeding cut, but he could also find loads of supposedly credible accounts saying the Holocaust and moon landings never happened, and even more saying the U.S. government blew up its own Trade Center Towers and Pentagon. So much for Googling. The truth, or at least the consensus of the legitimate radiation health/medical community is that DU residue has low to no ability to cause illness or death, except perhaps in cases of extremely high, prolonged and unlikely exposure scenarios. And CERTAINLY NOT in this short a time frame. It's not helpful to veterans or the issue of veteran's health to perpetuate these myths. It unnecessarily scares veterans, perhaps even away from having children, and distracts from finding real causes of illness. Not to mention the baseless trashing of the U.S.'s reputation around the world, and the resulting hatred it engenders.

Posted by: Alan, at 2008-01-12 04:33:38

Alan: I can appreciate where you are coming from after so many far flung theories that float on the Internet. However, when criticizing an individual (especially with such erroneous comparison), you might consider whom you are critiquing and that person's background, qualifications and education. I am a veteran. My research and findings are well founded and documented far beyond room here, nor is it necessary for me to post. Alan, if you have a problem, talk to me. Or would that be too much? I am not afraid to discuss my findings and the subject with you, I will even call if it is long-distance. But first, Alan, be a gentleman or at least a man, don't say things that only embarrass yourself. If you read the book I wrote about Anni Adams you might learn a LOT about the Holocaust and much more. Before you are brave enough to attack my character, be brave enough to talk to me. Can you do that? I would hope so. Sorry folks, Alan represents the very meaning of the article. Sadly. Alan, the invitation stands and I will pay for the call. God bless you.

Posted by: Lonnie, at 2008-01-12 05:03:59

Wow, I didn't expect a response from the author himself. Lonnie, I'm not attacking your character, really, as I have no basis on which to judge your true motivations for writing about DU. From looking at your other writings, I would guess that you are a sincere, compassionate individual. However, even though you are an excellent writer and "story" (no pun intended -- well, yes intended) teller and probably a fine lawyer, it doesn't appear that you have any background in radiation medicine, toxicology or epidemiology. That's fine, certainly I don't either, but when I'm not an expert in something, I defer to those who are. And those experts I'm quite confident would be highly, highly doubtful that Dustin's cancers and other ills had anything whatsoever to do with depleted uranium. Surely there's no shortage of politically motivated, agenda-driven, anti-war, anti-nuke, anti-capitalist, anti-seemingly everything self-styled experts who will disagree, (it's a cottage industry, like 9/11, you need a filter to find anything reliable on the subject) and I can only assume that you have been unknowingly swayed by such people, along with those nurses Ms. Brim heard from at the hospital. While we all sympathize with her loss, and understand her desire to find out why her son came down with cancer so fast, I hardly think it's a good thing to focus on what is perhaps one of the least likely answers. Now I haven't read your book, and maybe your look at this situation in full context is more balanced than I'm assuming. If that is the case, my sincere apologies; however I don't get that impression here or elsewhere the book/case has been discussed. I don't think it would be productive for you and me, two non-experts on the subject, to talk on the phone. However, it might be productive for you to talk with or correspond with people who truly are experts without agendas. I would suggest Naomi Harley, ( New York University School of Medicine) or the Health Physics Society. Are she or they mentioned in your book?

Posted by: Alan, at 2008-01-12 20:22:07

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