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What Has Changed?

By John Hathaway

The buildings are still torn asunder, though the rubble’s been cleared away.

The emptiness still echoes with the screams of witnesses, and those that fell on that sad day.

Apprehension is still very much alive, though familiar, it’s like carrying a pocket of sand;
barely noticeable, out of sight, but then some seeps out, and we’re made aware all over again.

Have our hearts changed? Have our souls’ eyes been opened to the suffering everywhere?

Have our habits changed? Have we finally learned to listen with our spirits and care?

Do we still cherish the laughter of our little ones, hold them closer and tight to our chest?

Have we learned to pray peace for everyone, ask for the ending of all unrest?

Bitterness will not heal these wounds, anger only opens more sores.

Healing begins when hearts are attuned, when cooperation helps ride out
the storm.

Feel deeply the loss, the pain of the past; let your tears join the
millions of others.

This planet we’re on is like a big, round bed, all in it are our sisters
and brothers.

We all grieve those that have gone on before us, feel the emptiness
they’ve left behind.

Their absence a constant reminder, of a world set on actions unkind.

Let their loss be a testament to all of us left, a commitment for a
brighter tomorrow.

Work together so that all our children can know a world without suffering or sorrow.

We have so many resources available to us, the most sacred of these are our hearts.

Join together as one, share a vision of hope, and together we’ll make a new start.

May the pain of our past make us that more committed to end the suffering of our children. We can change this world into a kinder place, through our words, deeds, and the never ending attempt to understand, forgive, and rise above. Let love be our mainstay, not fear. Let care be our watchword, not contempt. Let unison be our creed, not division. There are far too many losses on all sides, where there shouldn’t be sides to begin with.

May tomorrow be brighter because of the actions we take today.


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