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Can a Vet or a Civilian be a Big Brother or Big Sister to a Veteran?

By Remy Benoit

Lack of care of our Veterans is nothing new - just part of a shameful history.

What if, what if older Vets from other wars became buddies, mentors, big brothers or big sisters to those coming home now? What if ordinary citizens stepped up to help Vets get jobs, keep homes, get health care?

What if all Vets got out there and took it to the people - this is our story - this is the way of it - this is what we know that you should know - this is what we carry that you should help bear the burden of?

What if all Vets took part in a good old fashioned grass roots movement to have a National Teach-In to explain loud and clear what the people need to know to get up and back them for proper, respectful, professional immediate and long term care?

What if all Vets took to the people an understanding, at least a beginning understanding, of what it means to live with PTSD 24/7?

What if the people started to listen; to sign petitions; to demand immediate care?

All the what if's can only be answered if they are carried out.

There is no better day to start this than today.
Memorial Day is coming. What if all the what if's went national then and continued until the people get it and stand up to do what is right, just, and part of what I call the Covenant - Be there for us and we will be there for you.

What if all this started with you?

From Andrew Hoffman, Housing Works AIDS Issues Update at Veterans for Common Sense Another Battle for Veterans - HIV?.

Wake up, America and do what is right.
Do it now.


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