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From Vote Vets - When and Why? From George McGovern - Why.

By Remy Benoit

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans write to Select Committees on Intelligence Demanding Inquiry into the Matter.

These are Veterans concerned about the welfare of those in combat zones, as well as being concerned about this country.

Jerry Wolfe, Journal Register News Service, Daily Tribune at Veterans for Common Sense VA Reports Up to 30 Percent of Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Suffer From TBI.

From Michael Abramowitz and Ellen Knickmeyer, The Washington Post at MSNBC Questions on Iran as Bush heads to Mideast Israeli, Arab leaders doubt U.S. resolve.

Vets need to educate the public as to their needs as well as their concerns.

Also, from George McGovern, The Washington Post, at Truthout Why I Believe Bush Must Go.

There seem to be others who share Mr. McGovern's sentiments. Impeach Bush-Cheney.

How can Veterans best educate the general public on their needs? How can we get across to the public the fact that 126 Veterans are ending their own lives each week and that this means they are not getting the proper care that they should? How do we get across that about one third of the homeless in this country are Veterans? National Coalition for the Homeless - Homeless Veterans.

From Erik Eckholm at The New York Times Surge Seen in Number of Homeless Veterans. It is obvious that the system in not working for many of our Veterans. Perhaps you could be part of a National Teach-In to get the message across. Speak out, speak up - now.


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