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Merry Christmas!

By Remy Benoit

There is a light rain falling and it is in the low 40's this still pre-dawn Christmas morning. We will stretch into a sunny low 60's today, while many across the country are at least knee deep in ice and snow, without power. I see upstate New York will be feeling the impact of this huge storm. Like most things in life, the idea of a White Christmas has its difficult side.

It is Christmas and we wonder, as we try once again, to create the "perfect" Christmas if such a thing exists. Jean-Luc found the prefect Christmas in the Nexus, but knew it was not real despite the intense urge to stay with its beauty and expectation fulfillment. He left and went back to what he knew was real-even though it meant saving the world-once again.

We can all take a lesson from Captain Picard. We can accept what is real and work with, work through, that. We can seek out truth in a sea of hyperbole and fear.

What is real, perhaps the only thing that is truly real, is the love, the compassion, the care and concern with which we treat our families, our extended families, indeed, our planet. We can hold onto visions of peace. It is only through that vision, through our refusal to let go of that hope, that we can come into the sun of giving back to our planet, to each other, a new creation to glorify the one we have already been given.

With those thoughts in mind, I offer you the words of John Cory, a Vietnam Veteran who received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with V device, 1969 - 1970. So This is Christmas.

You may also join John at John Cory.

From our home to yours, across the nation, across the world, Christmas blessings and prayers that we find our way to peace-one and all.
Miz' Remy


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