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My Name is Peace

By Remy Benoit

   Let us all, all over the world, reflect on this terrible anniversary.

It has been said that we will be judged by the world we leave our children, and grandchildren.

Like all else, we have choice in that too.
Let us learn from our history on the planet so that we may buid a future.

My Name is Peace

I wait for you.
I wait in the verdant crests of the ocean; in blue, cloud puffed skies.
I rest in sanguinary sunsets.
I was there in the laterite of Southeast Asia; in Korean snow;
in the depths of Verdun while you fed me a blood sacrifice that defoliated my sweet refuge.
I was in the Russian snow when Napoleon found Moscow empty.
I wanted to skate with you in joy across Lake Ladoga tasting the sweetness of the White Nights.
But I still wait for you.

I wait in tormented households,
on ghetto streets,
in refugee camps;
on the Wailing  Wall
just as I waited in salted Carthaginian soil.
Just as I keep waiting when your reved engines
fly by me filled with road rage.
I wait while you play discordant symphonies
of angst, greed, and fear.

I will continue to wait-
Which one of you will step forward first
to dine, to share my feast's abundance and joy?
While you decide, well, I will wait for you to call my name.

   Copyright: Remy Benoit, 2002


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