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Joe Galloway: The Disgraceful Treatment of Our Veterans

By Remy Benoit

From Joe Galloway of The McClatchy Newspapers Commentary: The disgraceful treatment of our veterans.

Perhaps, as we cannot send holiday greetings to "Recovering Soldiers" or to "Any Soldier," we should send those greetings to our Representatives and Senators, as well as to the White House, demanding care for our Veterans. Contacting Congress. Contacting the White House. We need to be their voices - we need our voices to be loud and clear - CARE FOR OUR VETERANS WITH RESPECT, WITH IMMEDIACY, WITH THE BEST CARE POSSIBLE - AND DO IT NOW.

Please, make the time, use the stamp, make the call, send the e-mail, send the faxes and make it known that we can, we must, do better - we must do it the way, by all that is moral, the way it should be done. Ask your friends, your fellow Veterans, to do the same.

From CBS at Veterans for Common Sense Veteran Suicides - How CBS Got the Numbers.

From Vic Lee KGO - TV (ABC News, San Francisco) at Veterans for Common Sense Veterans' Lawsuit Moves Forward (VCS v. VA).


Miz' Remy

Here is a message that came in this morning from some of our Veterans to those in service.

THE CHEROKEE ROSE...both we and our daughter are veterans, and we fully understand what our troops are going thru..just forwarding our warmest wishes for good in all their lives during this holiday season..jltruitt


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