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Standing Up or Standing Down?

By Remy Benoit

From Maya Schenwar at Truthout Democrats Put Blank Checks Back on Table.

From Robert Parry, Consortium News at AlterNet Why the Democrats Could Lose in 2008. Is there anyone out there truly satisfied with the candidates - with their positions - with their endless and pointless verbiage? It is very hard to believe that in a country this size, with a heritage this rich, this is the best we can field - let alone that this is the best we can do. Do share your thoughts on this!

From Joe Galloway at the McClatchy Newspapers Commentary: A critical mess on Iran.

From Ray McGovern at Comon Dreams Are Americans Really ‘Better Than That?’.

From Bob Cesna at The Huffington Post Waterboarding vs. Hammers vs. Genitals.Warning - strong language.

From By Ralph E. Shaffer and R. William Robinson at The Baltimore Sun Here come the thought police.

From Pamela Hess, the AP, at Truthout Hayden Knew of Interrogation Videotapes.

Is there a chance that the Mass Media and the Congress will begin to reflect the positions of the People? Perhaps it is time we governed by Constitution, not by fear. There is nothing in health care programs that is in conflict with the basic structures of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Senator Clinton - there just isn't. Without those, without the Bill of Rights and the rest of our Constitution, we have nothing.


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