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For Boomer Do-Wop Fans

By Remy Benoit

When I was growing up, Hy Lit was our DJ-spinning those songs that have become our Oldies but goodies.

You can rock on with Hy Lit - Rock and Country.

And Hyski has added a new feature for us - Hy Lit Search Engine. Go for it - it works.

And to Hy Lit - thanks for all the joy all these years. Rock On!

Let's take a Rockin' Walk Down History Lane
with some of the greatest.

From CCR at You Tube Fortunate Son. and Suzie Q.

From The Village People at You Tube YMCA.

From Bob Dylan - ah, I remember the "Come Back Concert" was amazing - from You Tube Like a Rolling Stone.

From Joan Baez at You Tube, one of my all time favorites Diamonds and Rust.

From Chubby Checker at You Tube The Twist.

From Bobby Rydell at You Tube - who could forget Swinging School.

From Frankie Avalon at You Tube Venus.

Remember - mixing music across the water - remember the British Invasion?

Remember it all - write it down - it is our history - we are the Boomers! and we are, as Queen points out at You Tube We Are the Champions.

No wall flowers allowed - get on your feet - remember the dreams - follow them, yes, even now - claim them as your own and go for them - remember the vision - reclaim it - on your feet 'cause it is a CAN DO if we get on our feet and do it!

Gloria did it - the getting back on the feet thing - big time, so let's end our little trip Down History Lane with Miz' Gloria Estefan at You Tube Get On Your Feet. and MAKE IT HAPPEN - You are the voice of your Constitution - sing it loud and clear!

Okay, a little Lagniappe, a little something extra as is the Louisiana way - who could ever forget Phil Ochs - Chicago 1968.

Nixon Resignation.

Johnny Cash: The Presidents.


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